All our boats now come with a painted finish

Written by Mats Nielsen May 18, 2020

For most manufacturers, Gelcoat is the conventional way of finishing glass-fiber surfaces of the boat. At Goldfish Boat we now take the finishing process one step further. We manufacture all our new builds in a painted finish. Using a hard layer of painted topcoat has a multitude of different advantages, and the benefits are significant. As time passes, things like sunlight, saltwater, and the air naturally wear down all surfaces. A painted surface offers an additional protective layer against those elements. Over time this effect becomes ever increasingly apparent.


Thorough preparation

Each of our builds starts with a handcrafted molding process. We have spent years improving the method, with some of the most skilled craftsmen in the industry. They ensure each crevice and corner of the glass-fiber structure is constructed to perfection. After the parts are finished, a layer of Gelcoat is then coated on top. Well, technically this is not entirely true. We actually cast our hull, and deck in a top-to-bottom manner, where we lay the Gelcoat first, and then mold the glass-fiber on top. The Gelcoat is then sanded down, ensuring a perfectly uniform surface. After which a layer of surface primer is added. The two stages provide a visually excellent surface and also facilitates a more potent chemical bond for the next step – the paint.


The painting process

Using a High Solid 2-stage paint, applied in two layers, we are able to paint any build in whatever shade of color you desire. The painted finish provides a stunning high gloss finish, guaranteed to make your boat stand out in the crowd. With a paint thickness of above 100 microns (100/1000 mm), most scratches and imperfections can easily be polished away and restored. The paint provides a much more resilient and durable color, lasting for decades. It shields efficiently against the harmful UV-rays of the sun and withstands the erosion of saltwater. As the years pass by, we can guarantee you will appreciate the difference. Your boat will require less maintenance, and with proper care, your boat will still look like new.


Colorchart, showing 8 of our 21 solid color options.

Customize your Goldfish

We provide you with over 20 different solid colors to choose from. You can preview all the options in our 3D configurator, and customize a vast range of equipment to your liking. And of course, for all customers with a different specific color in mind, we are happy to help.


A Goldfish 28 Tender with Midnight Grey paint, on both the deck and hull.


With you all the way

We give you direct access to people that live and breathe Goldfish. Our aftersales contacts and 24h duty-officers are wall-to-wall with production, design and sales.

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