Boat Shows 2016

Written by Jørgen Løwe August 25, 2016

It’s that time a year…
The summer is over (at least in Norway) and at the Goldfish Factory we are filling up the build slots for the upcoming winter.

We hope you like to visit us at one of our shows this year. Either if it’s to share stories about this season, your last trip, what you like or don’t like with your Goldfish, to have a beer or to plan an upgrade for next season.

Either way we welcome you to visit us!

Be aware that tickets need to be received and downloaded before the show starts. We are unable to supply thickets after opening.

Boat show 2016-2

Owners on their way to new adventures…

Marstrand Boat Show :: 26-28th of August
Our local Goldfish Sales Agent PowerBoat Marine will be represented with Goldfish 28 Tender and 38 SuperSport. Several 29 Sports will also be by this weekend.
Email Alexander Hassellöv for appointment.

Oslo Boat Show :: 1-4th of September
Oslo is important to us because its our home market and Goldfish had never been for you guys who have been supporting Goldfish for 25 years. The whole Goldfish Team will be by this weekend and we will bring 23 Tender, 28 Tender, 29 Sport and 38 SuperSport.
If you feel you deserve a ticket or want to make an appointment with us, please email

Cannes Boat Show :: 6-11th of September
Cannes is our largest event of the year and are important for the Mediterranean market. Parton Yachting is running the show in Cannes, but Goldfish will be well represented from all departments during the week. This year we will bring 29 Sport and 38 SuperSport as the pillars of the show. In addition to this our Mediterranean Service boat will be working the show.
If you feel you deserve a ticket or want to make an appointment for the show, please email or Whatever you are most comfortable with.

We hope to see you all!

With you all the way

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