Our Goldfish-adventure to Corsica

Written by Jørgen Løwe July 5, 2017

We often associate RIB boats with speed and excitement but when used for long distance boating, it is also about adventure.

On our trip to the Mediterranean, we left behind the hustle and bustle of the coastal city and enjoyed the imperturbable silence of the sea. Come join us on a boat trip to Corsica.

We are passionate about boats. We love talking about boat designs, hull designs, pitch and efficiency. Performance is usually a focal point in our discussions, but this weekend we were just as focused on creating adventures and experiencing the sea.

We were looking to create memorable experiences, and that is exactly what we did when we took a group of Goldfish-owners on a trip to Corsica.

Departing from Port Pierre Canto

Saturday morning at 7 am four boats left Port Pierre Canto. Two 29 Sports, a 38 SuperSport and a 29 RIB Tender with Goldfish enthusiasts on board crossed the 100 nautical miles from Cannes.

The two hours flew by as we headed towards the island at speeds between 40 and 50 knots – under perfect conditions. The water was calm, the breeze refreshingly cool.

Arrival to Corsica – where mountains meet the sea

Majestic mountains rose out of the water as we approached Corsica. The cliffs were full of formations carved out by crashing blows from the powerful sea. We turned off the engines and enjoyed the view of Scandola – as well as the silence. Not a sound.

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Goldfish rally in corsica 2017

We travelled further south, where we met the owner of a 38 SuperSport who guided us into the dark caves, secluded lagoons and places of unspoiled beauty inaccessible from land. We went for a swim in the azure and crystal clear water before we made our way to a restaurant in Golfe de Gorolata.

The island flattens out towards the south end where the vegetation is richer. We really got a sense of how different it is to be outside looking in.

As we cruised past the old-growth forests and ancient castles, it felt like we were travelling through time and space – with the sea swirling beneath us, and the ripples of history flowing by beside us.

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Visiting Bonifacio – With a view from the sea

We arrived at Bonifacio, the town at the far end of the southern tip of Corsica. It was a fascinating place. The rusty cannons, the fortress, the stone walls and the hidden harbor told the story of a fishing village that had once thrived in this exhilarating hideaway. Today, it is an idyllic French town with a hint of Sardinia.  

We suddenly found ourselves surrounded by great restaurants and friendly people against the backdrop of a charming old town. With our boat moored in the nearby harbor, we never felt confined on the island. The sea was not a boundary, but an extension of the island and everything it had to offer.

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It was with a wistful glance back at this beautiful paradise that we started our engines for the trip home. The voyage back was the start of a new journey.

As the spectacular island disappeared into the horizon behind, it became clear: A view of the sea from land great, but a view of the sea whilst being on the sea is even better.

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Total nautical miles: About 500 nm

Shortest crossing point: 95 nm

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