Model Launch :: Goldfish 28 Bullet

Written by Jørgen Løwe March 19, 2018

We welcome the 28 Bullet to the Goldfish model range. This sport boat will take you to places you haven’t been in a while. Closer to the ocean, where it’s all about the ride. This 8-meter RIB is built for the journey, not the destination. It’s built to offer a joyride with less power. Offering the seakeeping Goldfish is known for and a speed range from 50-80 knots. It will amaze you! We promise.

The 28 Bullet is built with the same mindset as the 23 Tender. Less is more!

It’s meant to give you a hassle-free ownership, more time experiencing the ocean and less time maintaining.

The Goldfish 28 Bullet is perfect as a yacht tender, perfect for enjoyment at your summer house or simply as your expedition vessel for new, open waters.

Goldfish Owner & Head Designer, Pål Sollie states:

“I wish for a life where I own my things and they don’t own me. I want to spend more time exploring the archipelago and less time handling my things. I want driving to be the core of the experience. That was why we created 23 Tender and that is also, partly where 28 Bullet is coming from.

The new model will move all boundaries as we know them and take you further, smoother, simpler and cheaper…”

Ask any Goldfish owner and most will state their Goldfish is a tool made to take you to unique experiences. It will bring you to new places softer, quicker and safer than most other tools.

Don’t buy a boat, buy a ticket into another world. Our vision is that the 28 Bullet shall be an even sharper tool. Increase safety and simplify your ownership.

Let’s look at the facts:

Length: (Overall) Beam: (Inflated)        Beam: (Deflated)        Displacement (min)
8,25m 2,45m   1.500kg
Max speed range: Fuel Capacity: Hull Design: Classification:
50-80 knots 300l Four stepped 22 V RIB Type X – C (coastal)
Design & Construction        Propulsion Builder:
Pål Sollie Inboard & Outboard Goldfish Boat

Go to Goldfish 28 Bullet model page for more facts. 

Simple, light and technical. All of these are core values for this model.

The 28 Bullet will be offered from: 110.000 EUR. Find full pricing for the 28 Bullet in our online configurator.

The 28 Bullet is designed around Mercury 6,2L 350BHP. We believe this will be the preferred engine for this model. Well proven V8, reliable, lightweight and with a nice price point.

Being a Goldfish and born with the same DNA, the 28 Bullet will be offered with propulsion from 250 – 540 bhp. Making her top of her class with 50-80 knots potential.

From fall 2018, 28 Bullet will be offered with outboard propulsion. Mercury will be the chosen manufacture and both single and twin installation will be offered.  

See more images:

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