Take a look at the new 23 Tender – MKIII

Written by Jørgen Løwe September 4, 2019

Our Goldfish 23 Tender has been one of our most popular models since we launched it for the first time in 2010. It has been regularly upgraded through the years, and since it has its tenth anniversary, we thought it was time for an awesome upgrade again!

Since 2010 we have built more than 120 different units, but we must admit that the 23 Tender may be the boat we have the most confidence in. 

When cruising around at sea, you want style, comfort and sea-keeping like no other 23 foot vessel. The 23 Tender has both improvements over and under the waterline. We implemented a bunch of new technology that will increase stability, general handling and give you as an owner more comfortable trips and even more powerful and fun experiences.

So – what is new?

On the new Goldfish 23 Tender, you will find a whole new hull shape, boat deck and overall design improvements. Many of the design features you already know from the Goldfish 28 Bullet is implemented. In other words, the 23 Tender has been updated with a 2020 look. 

Design-wise you will notice the following improvements at once: 

  • New, slimmer D-fender
  • New layout of the flooring
  • New console with the 2020 look of 28 Bullet
  • The console which follows the painted color of the deck
  • Improved fuel filler
  • Improved bilge system
  • A new and improved seat that offers more sidewise support for driver and co-pilot

The most exciting improvements are always the ones you don’t see. Yes, you are correct – I’m talking about what happens underneath the waterline. Everyting we learned since MKII in 2015 is implemented in MKIII. A bunch of new knowlogde and technology. 

  • Improved sidewise stability
  • More volume in the front ship
  • Removal of the bow protection, wich give the ship a cleaner look
  • Improved weight distribution
  • New logos

When is it available? 

You will be able to see the latest version of 23 Tender at the boat show in Oslo, Båter i sjøen 2019, at Aker Brygge from 5th to 8th September. This is going to be the first time we will show the 2019 model – and we can’t wait!

Every 23 Tender ordered in the future will be made in the new version, so what are you waiting for? Join us at the boat show, and be as excited about the upgrades of our favourite model as we are. 

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