Look at the new 28 Tender – MKIII

Written by Jørgen Løwe September 12, 2019

The New Goldfish 28 Tender 2019

The Goldfish 28 Tender has become one of the most established models in our range. Time has come to give it a massive improvement and a facelift which will slide it straight into 2020. 

Since 2010 we have built 40 different units, but we must admit that the 23 Tender has been the one that has enjoyed the spotlight. 28 Tender has always been the big brother. Everybody liked him, but not everybody understood why they should leap to the more experienced, bigger brother. Does he go faster? Does he offer more? 

That’s why 28 Tender – the big brother – now is bigger than ever. The 28 Tender has now gained more than 6% in width. It’s a game-changer for the neglected sibling of 23 Tender. 

We can allow this increase in beam because of what we learned developing the Goldfish X9 and Goldfish 28 Bullet. The widest and the slimmest boat we ever designed. The new Goldfish 28 Tender will strengthen it’s position in our model range and prove that he is not only the bigger brother – he is so much more…

New 28 Tender will be faster both on flat water and in the heavy sea than it’s ever been before. 

So – what is new? 

You will recognize a lot of improvements from what was done to 23 Tender in August 2019. Goldfish 28 Tender has a whole new hull shape, a new deck and a new console design. Put differently – the 28 Tender has now been adapted to the new decade 2020. 

The new hull is designed to handle twin installation better than before. Making Twin 300 V8 the go-to option for performance. The all-new Mercury Racing 450r will also be an excellent propulsion alternative. Check out which options offered in the configurator.

The new 28 Tender RIB boat shown in profile

Design-wise you will notice the following improvment at once: 

  • New, slimmer D-fender
  • A new layout of the flooring
  • New console with the 2020 look of 28 Bullet
  • The console which follows the painted color of the deck
  • Improved fuel filler
  • Improved blige system
  • A new and improved seat that offers more sidewise support for driver and co-pilot

28 Tender 2019 model shown from above

The most exciting improvements are always ones you don’t see. Yes, that’s right – I’m talking about what happens underneath the waterline. Everyting we learned since MKII in 2016 is implemented in MKIII. A bunch of new knowlegde and technology. 

  • Beam increased with 6% (15cm)
  • More volume to better handle heavy loads and performance propulsion
  • Improved sidewise stability
  • More volume in the front ship
  • Removal of the bow protection giving the ship a cleaner look
  • Improved weight distrebution
  • New logos

When is it available? 

The first 28 Tender MKIII will be completed from the assembly at the end of 2019. So if you want to secure one for the 2020 season, you need to order one based on your faith in us, renderings and the Goldfish configurator. 

Every 28 Tender ordered in the future will be made in the new version, so what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on a fiery summer in 2020 with this big boy! 

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