Have a peek at the newest Tender Facelift

Written by Jørgen Løwe September 13, 2019

Tender 23 and 28

Our Goldfish 23 & 28 Tender have been some of our most popular model’s since we launched them for the first time in 2010. Both have been regularly upgraded over the years, and since we’re entering their tenth anniversary, we thought it was time for an awesome upgrade again!

Since 2010 we have built more than 160 different units. The Tender platform may be the model segment we have the most confidence in. This is also why we are continously investing in this platform. 

The Tenders has offered uniqe style, comfort and seakeeping in ten seasons and and our plan is to give it another ten years – but now with a facelift that is ready for the new decade. 

So – what is new? 

As you already know; we’re in love with the Tender concept. For that reason you will quickly identify that the new Tenders have similar general arrangment, the same ingenious concept and updated design. 

Our goal has not been to create two new models – it has been to lift the existing platfom with new technology, modern lines and other elements from our design department. 

Goldfish 23 Tender – 2019 model:

We can easily sum up the new upgrades with these three keywords – stability, general handling and comfort. Read more about the improvments made to 23 Tender here. 

Goldfish 28 Tender – 2019 model:

The 28 Tender is the boat with the largest improvements in this round. It’s 5% more boat – and we love it! Read more about what we mean with that here. 

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