Phantom International become technical parter

Written by Jørgen Løwe June 30, 2015

“We have often looked to sail to find inspiration to design and materials in the past. With Phantom it was the achievement of the young concept that caught our attention and trigged our curiosity. The more time I spent looking at the boat and listening to Alex talking about the idea behind every details and the challenges they had overcome to get as far the more intrigued I got. It was amazing how many similarities we found, and how many challenges we share in design. I have little knowledge about race sailing, especially about foiling cats, but I in detail understand what unique attention to detail and holistic understanding it demands to introduce such a well designed and extremely high-tech product to the market. ”   Henrik Sollie

The team will have access to the best in design, technology and construction tender which is key when you are following a flying catamaran going at 30 plus knots in various sea conditions.

The Goldfish – Phantom International 28 Tender will partner the Phantom Sailing Team as soon as next week during the Eurocat in Carnac, and will be a fantastic companion for the sailing team as service & assistance support and for PR. Both companies are looking forward to collaborating in the near future on research and development for high-efficiency and low emission boats without any compromise on performances.



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