Travelogue: Lofoten, Norway

Written by Jørgen Løwe February 7, 2019

In may 2018 we had the pleasure of delivering a SuperSport 38 to one of our customers. Fortunately for us, he wanted it delivered in Lofoten which meant that we got to drive around for a couple of days, enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Lofoten is one of the most extraordinary coastal areas in Norway, so we did not hesitate when one of our customers asked for a delivery in this region.

On our first day, we drove from Bodø to Svolvær where we picked up a camera crew of two guys who captured our adventure on film. The four of us headed to the small town of Henningsvær, which was our base for the next four days.

Henningsvær is a beautiful town, with a secluded harbor. Here, waters can be calm and quiet while five meter high waves rummage just a mile away. During our stay, we ate dinner every night at a cosy cafe called Klatrekafeen. The citizens of this small town were all very welcoming and friendly.

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What true freedom feels like

On our second day we decided to drive around aimlessly. We wanted to let nature and the sea guide us.

The journey began at Austvågøya where we would camp on different beaches. We visited Trollfjorden, which is a spectacular place where you are likely to spot one of the many sea eagles that live close to the fjord.

We continued on to Tengelfjord and from there drove to Stokmarknes where we ate lunch. With our stomachs full we continued to drive along the northshore of Austvågøya and then back to Henningsvær. What a day!

Driving around in this area doesn’t require any permits. You can move around freely, enjoying the best of what nature has to offer. This is very much in line with the philosophy of Goldfish Boat; Experiencing new and exciting places. This is what we love more than anything else.

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Island hopping in Lofoten

On day three we took another trip to Svolvær to drop off the camera crew, and then drove back towards Henningsvær and further on to Ballstad. The conditions at sea were lovely so we decided to make the most of the situation and go island hopping.

We drove from Henningsvær to Nusfjord which is a quaint little town. It is also one of Norway’s oldest and best preserved fishing village. Well worth a visit.

After our visit to Nusfjord we drove further out to Reine where we stopped for lunch. We then drove past Å, which is the endpoint for Europavei 10. Our final stop for the day was Værøya – a secluded island with only 780 inhabitants. A truly unique place.

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We continued our trip to Bodø where it was time to prep the boat for delivery to our customer. But before handing over the SuperSport 38 to its new owner, we had to make one last stop at Saltstraumen. Saltstraumen is a river which lies 11km southwest of Bodø. The river is known for its intense tidal stream which is considered one of the strongest in the world. It was fascinating to feel the power of the strong current pulling and tugging on the boat.

Our trip to Lofoten was definitely one for the books. The spectacular waters that surround all of the various islands creates a true sense of adventure. There are so many secluded beaches, quaint towns and spectacular nature phenomenons in this area, which makes it well worth a visit!

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