The Goldfish Sales Agents

Powerboat Marine AB

Contact: Christian Fält

Location: Bohus-Malmön, Sweden
Phone: +46 708 818181

Powerboat Marine AB has been at the core of racing at the Western Coast of Sweden since 1994. They offer storage, maintenance and repairs. With 6.000 m2 storage facility Christian will find room for your Goldfish. The owner, Christian is in charge of Goldfish at PowerBoat.


EYOS Tenders

Contact: John Apps

Location: Mallorca, Spain
Mobile: +34 616225143

John has been linked to the boating industry for the last 22 years, originally working as an expedition leader on ships exploring the remote corners of the world.

He has led unsupported river expeditions in Papua New Guinea, Took the first expedition ship to Far Eastern Russia after the break up of the Soviet Union, and he has driven inflatable boats in every Ocean, from the Pacific Islands to the Antarctic, and from the Russian Far East to the Caribbean in all manner of conditions.              

John now manages EYOS Tenders who are responsible for providing RIBs and tenders to some of the worlds most beautiful yachts.

Based in Palma de Mallorca and operating from a 16000 sq meter workshop, John and EYOS look after the requirements of Yacht Owners, all over the world and owners of boats locally.

Parton Yachting

Contact: William Parton

Location: Cannes, France
Mobile: +33 619 229515

William has been involved with Goldish since 2008. He has supplied all models and has a been/is a source  the Goldfish development team 

P.N. Sakkoulas SA

Contact : Panos Sakkoulas

Location: Athens, Grecece
Phone: +30 6944357575

Panos became involved with matters of speed and water at a young age. 

He started by racing go-karts and then competed both in water ski and windsurfing.  As a water skier he was forced early on to learn how to drive boats with speed and precision, and as a sailor to anticipate and analyze sea conditions.

Panos has been involved with Goldfish for many years, first as an owner of a Goldfish Rib and recently as the company’s representative in Greece with the task of expanding the Goldfish brand.  

Throughout his long involvement with the brand, he has learned the philosophy of Pal Sollie and has acquired good technical knowledge of the company’s products.