We know that our boats are used in all conditions, and that you rely on it even still. We are constantly motivated to deliver the ultimate tool to give you the best experience – our standard just in response to this.

stadard-1Market Leading 10 year hull warranty plus a 5 year boat warranty

At Goldfish we stand behind our products 100%. Few, if any other manufacturer takes same product responsibility. As a customer you will benefit from this quality in daily use, and it’s reflected in the resale value. Better warranty always returns a lower cost of ownership.

standard-2ISO 9001/14001

Goldfish Quality Management Systems ensures that every boat is delivered to expected and agreed quality and quantity. Goldfish Environmental Management System ensures that we run a sustainable production of long-life highly efficient products. As a Goldfish owner, you can rest assure that your boat is manufactured with the lower environmental impact, that it runs more efficient and for a longer lifespan.

HulldesignWorld leading hull design and performance

Goldfish hulls are the most efficient on the market. In comparative tests, all models are the fastest for their size (given parity of engine size and performance). They all have a minimal planning threshold, making the boats suitable for both high and low speed use. The low centre of gravity ensures a safe ride and stability, both at speed and when stationary. Records and testimonials illustrate just how smoothly the Goldfish hull rides, even in the roughest conditions. However, this can’t be quantified, but instead needs to be experienced during testing.

Uten navn-2Extensive in-house design and development capability

Goldfish engineers constantly work to refine vessel design, focusing on extending performance and durability, whilst ensuring that the unique Goldfish ethos and identity, based on form and function, is ever present. Everything from seats and lockers, to cleats and railings, are either designed for each model, or carefully selected from premium suppliers who can adhere to the Goldfish standard.

ConstructionLatest construction technology

Goldfish is at the forefront of the use of composites and application. Your boat features framework stingers to provide maximum rigidity and deliver optimal performance, whilst moulded inner liners give a smooth finish inside storage compartments and lockers. Moulded parts are bonded together under vacuum, utilising the toughest of flexible adhesives to reduce vibration and noise, and to ensure homogenised and clean fabrication.

compositsHigh-grade composites and coating

All Goldfish boats are characterised by supreme ride comfort and fuel efficiency. This is the result of a symphony of engineering achievements, encompassing everything from hull design down to details in material and construction specifications. All our boats are built using high quality vacuum-infusion glass or carbon fibre reinforced Vinyl ester composites, with market leading Divinycell core materials to optimise strength, weight and performance.

propellerHigh performance propeller

The right propeller is as important as the tires on a sports car. Goldfish technicians rigorously and relentlessly test propellers to ensure they are the perfect match for your boat and engine combination. By doing so we can be assured that your boat will deliver the best performance and efficiency, regardless of cost.

SteeringHigh performance steering

Goldfish engineers fit full hydraulic steering systems on all the inboards that leave our factory. This to ensure secure, precise and safe handling at high speeds, whilst also reducing the risk of accidents and contributing to lower maintenance costs.

TubesHeavy Duty D-Fender or Hypalon Collars

Goldfish crafts are fitted with integrated D–fendering, or easily repairable slide-on tubes. This protects the hull from minor impacts and thus reduces the risk of damage. It also means easy docking without the use of fenders. By using colourfast polymer we prevent colour marking from contact with other boats.

LiftingApproved lifting points

Goldfish fits anodised aluminium lifting points as standard on all models except the 50 Ocean. This means complete peace of mind when you or your service engineers lift your boat out of the water.

CleatsFoldable cleats

Foldable Sea-Smart cleats in anodised aluminium are a feature on the standard GRP boat, while Stainless Steel is used for carbon builds.

GF Standard LøweKeyless start

Goldfish customers don’t have to worry about keys and dysfunctional immobilisers. Enter your PIN code and push start. Your craft comes with an integrated anti-theft system, which minimizes the risk of theft and can reduce the price of insurance.

throttleElectronic throttle

Goldfish fits all models with an electric throttle/gear system as standard. Electronic racing throttles are optional.

upholsteryFirst-rate upholstery

Goldfish uses Ethafoam™ closed-cell foam cushions upholstered with Sauleda™ textiles to keep them water-repellent and dry. These are provided in long lasting fade resistant colours, offered in an extensive range of options to suit your tastes.

LupolightComplete Lopolight LED lighting

Goldfish designers, taking inspiration from submarine and military applications, use Lopolight™ products. This is an innovative application of LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology that ensures low power consumption and an extremely long lifetime, even in the harshest conditions.

ProvenProven reliability

Goldfish boats are tested to the extreme, undergoing tough real-environment testing together with experienced soldiers, on missions in the most challenging conditions.