Support Program

We’re not satisfied if you’re not, and we adhere to an integrated approach throughout the organisation to continuously improve and uphold the highest standards as part of our commitment to you, as well as ISO 9001 and 14001.


Reliability starts with understanding what strains and wear the boat will be exposed to during operation, and a design that prepare for exactly that. We designed your Goldfish to be easy to own and easy to use. Principles in design, construction and production simply prevents manufacturing defects and user slips to happen in the first place.


Owners proactive programs are a natural part of a hassle-free ownership. From the day you decide to build your new boat with us, and throughout its life, your serial number will be a part of our program. It all starts with a proper introduction to both operation and attendance to your new boat.

It is often a lot to take to hart at the hand-over, and often questions will rise as you get some hours in the boat. Goldfish also wish to protect both you and your vessel through operational and maintenance courses. Working with military personnel on a daily basis, we have the experience to host effective, relevant and fun course programs. On users initiative, we stage operational and technical training for you, your family or your crew.


Incidents are a part of nature in boating, and even the smallest things can a massive irritant. This is exactly why we have effective systems and trained people ready to assist whenever you need us.

If you experience any issues with your Goldfish, the solution is normally just a phone call away. First line know-how is key, and as a Goldfish customer you got direct access to our most experienced in-house technicians 24/7/365.

Statistics shows that eight out of ten issues can be resolved remotely. But when your Goldfish does require in-person attention, your Service Ranger will perform required action to get you back on water without any delay. How each case is solved, depend on the nature of the issue and whereabouts of your boat. The only thing we demand is that your boat is located at a suitable place for one of our trained Rangers to effectively perform required operation.