Travelogue from a Goldfish-owner: Håvard Skjoldal

Written by admin December 6, 2017

Goldfish 36 P1 SuperSport

Norway → Denmark → Sweden → Norway in a Goldfish 36 P1 SuperSport, 1035 NM

(See pictures at the bottom of this page)

I just wanted to share with you the wonderful trip we had to Denmark during the summer of 2017. We were four people on board; me, my wife and our two sons at 17 and 11.

We had three amazing weeks at sea. 

Departing from Sotra, Norway

The first leg went from Sotra to Høllen, Kristiansand, with a short stop in Egersund for fueling.

We passed the headland and continued on to Høllen, where we spend a few days in a beautiful cabin.

We then crossed Skagerrak with departure from Lillesand. We took our time crossing, spending approximately 2,5 hours at sea.

The sea got a little more unsteady as we approached northern Denmark, Skagen, but if the conditions had been different, we would have throttled it full.   

Wonderful Denmark

Skagen was warm and sunny.

When we arrived at the harbor we got a lot of attention. Arriving in a Goldfish-boat attracts curious minds.

Our trip continued from Skagen to Læsø. This is where they make the delicious salt, by the way.

The water was clear and for a Norwegian it’s very special to be able see the bottom and seaweed far from land.

We popped in for food and drinks and then went south to Anholt for more food and great company. The boat – once again – demanded attention from bystanders on the pier.  

The first person to welcome us was the police at Anholt. This obviously made me wonder, but he was a nice man indeed.

The trip continued to Rørvik and Nykøping.

After that we finally reached Klint. Our summer paradise. A huge thank you to my mother- and father-in-law!

After an amazing time i Klint, we left with a heavily loaded boat. The weather was amazing and the next leg went straight to Læsø.

Onto Sweden

Fully loaded, we crossed Kattegat in beautiful weather.

The water was slightly unsteady at the end as we approached Smögen.

The first person we met was a nice fellow in a stylish Goldfish 23 Tender.

Sotenkanalen, Sweden was up next. A lovely place! We went from Hamburgsund to Lysekil and Tanumstrand.

Unfortunately, we did not get a hotel, so we all slept in the boat that night. We made sure to get at hotel room the following night!

A strong breeze blew in over Gula Humpen on the day of departure.

Everyone was weatherbound in Tanumstrand.

We made a quick assessment, and decided that we would try to cross anyway. And we made it!

The waves were five-meters high and coming in from the side. Needless to say, we were soaked when we reached land, but what a boat!

We continued onto Havstenssund and further up Koster and then Strømstad. Hotels, lots of food and late summer nights.

Back in norwegian waters

Hankø was up next, where we got ice-cream and fuel. We then crossed over to Nevlunghavn and further onto Risør where we stayed for one night.

From there, we went on further along the beautiful southern coast to Arendal, Grimstad, Lillesand, wonderful Blindleia and Høllen. We want to thank our family in Søgne for their hospitality.

At this point it was time to turn the bow home.

We passed through The Spangereid-channel just to see it. On the way up to Lista we had 1,5-meter high waves.

We held 40-50 knots all the way and thundered past some cruisers on the way. My god, what a boat!

I wonder what the bystanders thought.

We stopped for fuel and food in Egersund.

The weather was calm and we had a nice trip up Jæren and into Skudeneshavn.

Our adventure was coming to an end with only 55 NM left, and before we knew it we were home!

It was a great trip for the entire family and I would embark on new adventures with them at any point in time!

Click through: Pictures from the trip and of the Goldfish 36 P1 SuperSport:


Boat: Goldfish 36 P1 SuperSport Build no. 017

Year: 2011

Propulsion: Twin Yanmar D-MAX 380 Diesel

Top Speed: 73 kn

40kn Comsumption: 1,5l/nm

Cruising Range: 450nm

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