Introducing MyGoldfish to Goldfish Owners

Written by Jørgen Løwe March 8, 2016

For more than two decades we have been fortunate to have lojal customers selling boats for us. It feels good to give something back to all enthusiastic owners and true ambassadors. To all of you, we proudly present MyGoldfish!

MyGoldfish contains everything you need for your ownership. This is your personalised dashboard, designed to make your boating experience easier, safer and more enjoyable. MyGoldfish operates as a part of the Goldfish Life Cycle Support Program. It is structured around a database charting your boat’s history, detailing all relevant information for all phases in the lifecycle of your ownership.



What’s in it for you?

Benefit 1 :: A more rewarding ownership
When we signed up to build your next boat, we took upon a task to build your dreamboat, to your specific needs, and fulfilling your requirements. As every build is unique, every owner is unique, but they all share the same high interest about the build of their new boat.

MyGoldfish is a direct response to this. Here you can login to take a look behind the scenes, and into production during process. We count down for each day until your boat is finalized, and keep you posted as your build progress.

When the boat is taken into use, MyGoldfish will be the single hub for all information from the Goldfish factory. When we develop a new wind deflector or a new cover, find a better propeller, improve upholstery, or simply would invite you to join on of our happenings near by you – we will notify you in MyGoldfish.

Picture: Build process and latest pictures from MyGoldfish

Benefit 2 :: A simplified ownership
We all want to spend more time in the boat, and less time to organize and maintain. With MyGoldfish Documents, you will no longer waste valuable time searching for manuals, invoices, certificates, or list of maintenance products. It is all been uploaded to your dashboard by the factory.

When you carry out any scheduled maintenance, or upgrade – make sure you upload the documents. This way, you will continue to have all data in one place throughout the ownership.


Benefit 3 :: Improved customer service and support
Whatever question regarding the use of your boat, its natural that you look to MyGoldfish Support to find the answers to your questions. From the support section you can choose different ways to contact us based on the nature of your question.

Call our Duty Officer 24/7 when there is little time to waste and you need talk with someone with technical insight. E-mail Goldfish Service for any question or request related to the use or maintenance of your boat. Chat with Factory Support for all kinds of questions regarding Goldfish. We also suggest you browse through the hyperlinked FAQ section as this will generate relevant and useful insight.

When you contact us through MyGoldfish Support, whoever answering in our end will have every detail of your boat in front of him. This means that you can rely on immediate and accurate feedback, and that communication is stored in relation to your boat. By using MyGoldfish Support you simply help us helping you.


Benefit 4 :: Increased resell value
The world of boating has long been miles behind the car industry regarding documenting use and service work done. When buying a second-hand car this is often the first thing you ask the previous owner.

Now you can sell your Goldfish including full history. That way a proud new Goldfish owner will have complete and accurate information about his new boat, while the conscientious seller reaps the investment of his maintenance and upgrades. It’s a matter of reducing risk and make values visible both at the same time.

Owners of boats with accurate and complete profile can also apply to be listed on the integrated BuyMyGoldfish pre-owned sales network. As a part of this, we are now also offering the Approved Pre-Owned Program for second-hand boats for sale.

Fill out the form on the lower left side of this view, and we will dig up all information there is about your Goldfish, create your dashboard, and invite you to join the party!


Thank you!

With you all the way

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