New 6,2L V8 from Mercury

Written by Jørgen Løwe October 2, 2015

Mercury has gifted us a new V8 petrol engine. There wasn’t a second of doubt in our design team. This is a engine we want to offer!

Our American friends has rethought the V8. It’s a new 6,2L 350bhp petrol engine that is specially design for marine use. An alternative that will offer comfort, simplicity and durability!

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We appreciate the opportunity to offer a quiet, but potent option. The 6,2L will give you the humming sound of a small-block V8 and the silent exhaust through the drive is soothing.
This is the preferred choice over the 3.0 TDI if you are not in need for extreme range. A 6.2 liter V-8 engine with unparalleled torque and acceleration to get you in plane quickly and smoothly. A whole new sporty feel at the wheel. Significant reductions in sound and vibration at the helm. Major improvements in the cockpit environment, by design. All wrapped in the legendary reliability you’ve come to expect from tour Goldfish with a Mercury engine.

This alternative combined with a Seacore drive and a Bravo propeller will almost give you the acceleration and sportiness as the 8,2L big block, and it will bring you up to impressive 57kn in the 29 Sport and 65kn in 38 SuperSport. As always Goldfish makes sure you have the best control with an electronic DTS controls as standard.

Mercury offers you a powerful, reasonable priced package and off course a 2-year international warranty.

Goldfish configurator is updated with new alternatives, prices and technical details.

Mercury 350

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